Tips from a Reiki Practitioner for Protecting Your Energy

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I had an intense Reiki session with a client recently who is doing amazing self- healing work

The topic of energy protection came up so I wanted to touch on a few practices that help me as a highly sensitive empath: 》its ok to get emotional, even if others say you are over reacting or to 'calm down' 》finding ways to support your energy so that emotions don't constantly overwhelm you is essential 》use guided meditations for energy protection 》ensure you are cleansing yourself and your home regularly

》 use sage (pictured), Australian native smudge sticks, incense, space clearing mists, palo santo, candles, flower essences 》visualise protective light around your body 》 get out into nature as much as you can, even putting your bare feet on the lawn is great 》stay away from spaces and people that drain your energy as much as possible, if you can't, refer to other steps above! 》Book in a Reiki healing session - Virtual reiki is now available!

Overwhelm will still happen, but being proactive helps a bunch....

Calm energy vibes sending your way Kama x

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