2019 reflections...

As I sit here at my work desk listening to one of my favourite artists Tash Sultana (Do yourself a favour!), home by myself without the kids, I am reflecting on 2019.

Running my little "side-hustle" business has been great the past year, but I am still in the early stages, learning about the best ways to connect to people and clients with my skills and what I have to offer. I would dearly love to have more time to spend on creating more offerings but that will come as my kids get older.

In 2019 I held women's meditation circles, worked with a yoga teacher doing some workshops using guided meditations, volunteered my Reiki services to a carer's pamper day, hosted children's mindfulness and movements sessions and spent plenty of time and energy networking and connecting with other health practitioners, and like minded souls in the health and wellness space.

This year my business focus will be more on blogging and writing, connecting and networking, and practising my Reiki modality from my home studio.

2020 started off with a bang with the intense full moon on January 10th - the week surrounding it knocked me for a six energetically, and I am just recovering!

Shedding what no longer serves us and connecting with your true self is the vision I have for 2020. I look forward to connecting with you along the way!

Kama x

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