Vitamin C Is Vital

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

=>Immune Support Basics =>

Vitamin C is not manufactured or stored in our body, therefore we need to obtain it from our diet consistently.

Vitamin C is crucial for:

+ supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system

+ protecting against oxidative stress

+ microbial destruction

+ clearance of dead cells from infection sites

+ bone synthesis and repair

+ collagen and connective tissue formation

+ facilitating absorption of essential minerals, especially magnesium

+ more!

Some of the best food sources of vitamin C include:

+ grapefruit

+ strawberries

+ kiwi fruit

+ oranges

+ capsicums

+ broccoli

+ cauliflower

Supplements can be helpful, natural is preferable over synthetic. Most supplements off the shelf are synthetic which in high doses can cause problems such as kidney stones and upsetting the balance of gut bacteria.

Suggested plant based supplements:

+ rosehips

+ camu camu

+ sea buckthorn

+ acerola berries

+ baobab

+ gubinge / Kakadu plum

If you need further info please reach out and contact me!

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