Ride the Waves of Change

Change is inevitable but it feels like things are changing at a rapid pace for so many people. My family is currently in the process of moving homes so this "change" topic is at the top of my mind. Whatever changes you are navigating at present, there are practical things you can do to support your body, mind and soul to accept and thrive through change.

Humans love to feel safe, secure and know what is coming. Our nervous system feels safe when we practice the same routines and stay within our comfort zone. This comfort zone includes your regular thoughts, beliefs and worries.

When change occurs it can feel positive or negative depending on whether the change feels out of our control or welcome. How can we enjoy change if it has been 'forced' upon us?

How do you respond to change? Do you tend to practice escaping to cope or controlling to cope?

We all use escape tactics in some way to cope with change. It becomes problematic when you become stuck in escapism to cope. There are countless examples of escapism including netflix bingeing, food, alcohol, drugs, online shopping, exercise etc. These actions are not inherently bad or negative but when they are used so that the changes are not being dealt with it becomes an issue. Controlling to cope is when you have an internal sense of control over the situation. This is where you have control over how you are responding to the change, as opposed to letting external influences control you. Even if your world feels like it is falling apart, you can access your internal sense of control and choose your response.

3 Tips for Riding the Waves of Change:

1. STOP and breathe. Give yourself time and space for your body and mind to catch up with what is going on. Breathing is integral to keeping your nervous system regulated. When things feel overwhelming, put one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Take 3 deep breaths.

2. Use FLOWER ESSENCES. Flower essences are safe and natural internal remedies that help us ride the emotional waves. I recommend "Let It Go" from Naughty Naturopath Mum or "Transition Essence" from Australian Bush Flower Essences. From the Bach Flower remedies, you may try walnut, mimulus or honeysuckle. If you are really struggling with change try the emergency essences for acute usage:

"Help" from Naughty Naturopath Mum

"Emergency Essence" from Australian Bush Flower Essences

"Rescue Remedy" from Bach Flower Remedies

3. CHANGE your perspective. Take a few minutes for yourself or even dust off that journal in the drawer..... What positives may come from this change? What opportunities may appear from this change? How could this be a growth opportunity for me? Are any of my beliefs or thoughts being challenged- how can I reassess if these are serving me? Step back and look at the big picture if possible...

If you need support as you navigate a change, never be afraid to reach out for help. Change can be extremely challenging, but with some support and guidance you can ride the wave with ease.