Have you ever been to a health professional and walked away feeling like you had not been heard? Any technique that has a holistic approach takes into account the WHOLE person - body, mind, spirit and soul.

HEALTH is more than being the 'correct' weight or eating the "right" types of food. As described by the World Health Organisation; "health" refers to:

"a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and as a resource for living a full life. It refers not only to the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems."

In a nutshell, I empower my clients with a mix of therapies, support and knowledge to improve health and wellbeing on all levels. Health is an inside job, and you will need to be committed to "do the work" but I will support you 100% of the way.