Meditation is gaining immense popularity in the mainstream now which is fabulous. People are realising that if they want to improve themselves and their lives, the need to be still and look within is integral to this.

Meditation is a key skill that has been integral throughout human history. Being still and being the observer of your mind is how we connect with ourselves and what we need.

Meditation is a practice which we will never perfect, but as cliche as it sounds - the journey is the destination...

What we discover along the way as we learn to sit in the uncomfortable feelings is that is where the good stuff happens.

So what exactly is meditation?

There are many types of meditation – but the ultimate aim of meditation (in its purest sense) is to understand the mind to make it more peaceful.
Meditation is not falling half asleep, it’s a state where you are aware, focused and ‘awake’ while relaxed – focusing on an ‘object’ such as the breath keeps the mind from wandering - that is the practice of meditation.

Why do I need to go to a class to learn meditation?

There are countless ways to learn meditation online or in person. Going along to a class offers a unique opportunity to reduce the distractions that typically come with trying to meditate at home. Meditating in a group of people can also be an inspiring and comforting experience for many. 

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