Restore ~ Rebalance ~ Reset 

For flexibility, Kama Health offers both

in-person and virtual options!

Choose between single sessions or a program.

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Tuesday - Friday : Virtual

Thursday - Friday : In person at Crafers

Weekend sessions : 1-2 times a month

**Concession pricing is available


Uniquely created by Kama, these personalised sessions include conversation around your health and well-being, in addition to small action steps to self healing. 


Kama intuitively supports clients to feel lighter and return to calm. The inclusion of Energy Work helps you to get out of your head, drop into your body and remove energetic blocks; allowing your nervous system to restore, rebalance and reset.

Kama has many tools to help guide you where you want to be...

Holistic Stress & Sleep Management ~ Aura Healing  ~  Reiki  ~  Chakra Balancing  ~  Crystal Healing  ~  Energetic Cord Cutting  ~  Support with energetic protection, grounding and clearing  ~  Recommendation of natural supplements/products  ~  BodyMind Coaching  ~  Meditation Support  ~  Oracle Card reading  ~  Personalised self-care recommendations  ~  Spiritual Guidance 


(Allow up to 75 minutes)

(For children's sessions, please contact Kama) 


Receive all of the above but from a distance! Energy is not bound by time or space, so you can easily receive this service in the comfort of your own home. 

To prepare for your session please ensure you have a quiet and uninterrupted space for up to 75 minutes. At your appointment time we will connect via Zoom or phone for an initial conversation. Then I recommend you lay or sit quietly to receive the distant energy treatment for around 30-40 minutes. We will set a pre determined time to reconnect by phone to discuss whatever has come up during the session. If you prefer to have a sleep afterwards, we will connect via email later.


(Allow up to 75 minutes)


These short appointments are designed for current clients who need to touch base and receive guidance about a specific issue from a natural health perspective. Kama is qualified in complementary medicine and has a comprehensive background in natural supplements and holistic health.

These can easily conducted by phone or Zoom/Facetime


(30 minutes)


Are you ready to make some deep shifts in your life with fully customised 1:1 support?

Click the button below to fill out and enquiry form and book a complimentary 45 minute discovery call

-let's see if we are a great fit to work together

Delivered in person and/or virtually


"Kama went above and beyond today for my first session.

Such a beautiful soul with a kind, nurturing and healing nature.

I left feeling that a have a path to journey on now. Thank you"


~ Registered Nurse