Access the Meditation with a Purpose session recording

In May 2022, I hosted a live online meditation session to help raise funds and awareness for the charity GIVIT. This was in response to the devastating floods in Eastern Australia. 

Access to the recording is free, and if you are able to donate a small amount to GIVIT that would be amazing!

Meditation with a Purpose.png
Meditation with a Purpose.png

Why meditation?

With so much going on in the world, it can be overwhelming and stressful. It is important to take time out for ourselves to restore, rebalance and reset so that we can continue to serve others in the world.

Meditation is an incredible tool for nurturing yourself so you can nurture others.

Online Meditation

Start meditating!

Find a quiet place, sitting on a chair or on comfy cushions -  use headphones for the best effect.

Click the button below to access the recording on my Youtube channel.

Happy meditating :)

Online Meditation