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I help women overcome burnout and exhaustion; restoring vitality and energy through natural medicine and coaching

Services include:

Reiki Therapy for stress and anxiety relief, emotional and spiritual support. Reiki helps to get you out of your head and into your body. Kama is a skilled, compassionate Reiki Therapist dedicated to your well-being. 

Wellness Coaching provides support for habit changes, clarity and support for health and well-being goals using a weight neutral approach. Also providing guidance on complementary medicines and practices to support your wellness.

Classes and Workshops to connect the community with natural health - including meditation, journaling, stress management and more. Subscribe for updates.

Kama is qualified and experienced in both energy medicine and holistic health. She will help you explore the underlying issues of your conditions, and navigate a way to feeling better in your body in a simple, down-to-earth way. Start wherever you are, get support with manageable action steps to a healthier you.

Centrally located in Crafers in the Adelaide Hills, the clinic currently operates Thursdays and Fridays.


I came away from my healing with Kama feeling so much lighter, clearer and free. Kama has created a calm, relaxing, loving space allowing me to let go and fully trust in the journey she took me on. I highly recommend a healing with Kama if you are feeling stuck, lost or depleted of energy. Her natural abilities and gifts shine through the work she does. Thankyou Kama.



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Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that helps your body do what it knows best, and that is to heal!

Energy flows through all of us like a river, if the flow becomes blocked due to stress, trauma or other reasons then Reiki can help restore the flow of energy.


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Meditation + Mindfulness

There are so many ways to heal, but what is important is finding what works for you. Holistic approaches like meditation fill the gaps of conventional medicine so you can start feeling healthier in body, mind and spirit. Kama Health will support you in finding your way forward to health.


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Wellness Coaching

Take control of your health and well-being. Stop outsourcing your power to heal. Get personalised support to find the root causes of your pain or illness.

Wellness Coaching gives you the tools to heal yourself.

Kama is a qualified Complementary Health Therapist with over 10 years experience in the natural health industry. She has a special interest in holistic stress management and supporting stressed out Mums.

She uses many tools such as holistic health coaching, meditation, Reiki and an in-depth knowledge of natural health to support her clients. Her approach is down-to-earth and practical, applying her knowledge with compassion and care.

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Kama's aim is to provide a nurturing wellness space where she can guide and empower clients to integrate natural health and well-being practices into their daily life.

She is also available to collaborate in workshops with a natural health focus.

What happens in a session?

Kama offers a fully personalised service in her 1:1 consultations.

1 hour Reiki Therapy includes: 

- A short discussion of your main wellbeing issue

- Reiki Therapy for 30-40 minutes

- Post treatment discussion and any recommendations for your well-being eg. a simple breathing practice, flower essence remedy, herbal tea

Energy Healing + Wellness Coaching includes:

Depending on your needs, a combination of the following:

- Discussion of current health and well-being issue/s

- Reiki therapy including chakra balancing

- Meditation practice support

- Prescribing wellness practices

- Recommendations for further treatment or referral

- Prescribing of flower essence blends, herbal teas or other natural complementary products

After your initial session (90 minutes) you will receive an emailed personalised wellness plan based on what we have discussed and discovered. Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes.

Working together to improve health and vitality is the goal. 

Kama's Reiki + Wellness Clinic is located in Crafers in the Adelaide Hills and operates on Thursdays and Fridays. Bookings are now available!

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